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With the most professional training and responsible guidance, our tailored courses improve all students’ basketball skill levels and their teamwork spirits on and off the court. We proudly provide a healthy and happy environment for students to fulfill their basketball dream.



a. To promote students’ health on both physical and mental levels.

b. To improve students’ basketball technical and tactical skills and teamwork spirits.

c. To provide professional training and guidance to students who want to join their varsity basketball teams. And to solidify the foundation for students with long-term basketball dreams in the future.


Tuesday 5:30pm-7pm: 8-10 yo intermediate 


Friday 3:30-5pm: 5-7 yo beginner 

Friday 5-6:30pm:  8-10 yo beginner 

Saturday 9-10:30am: 5-7 yo beginner 

Saturday 10:30-12pm 8-10 yo intermediate

Saturday 1pm-3:30pm: 6-7 yo intermediate

Saturday 3:30pm-4pm: 10-12 yo beginner


Price: $1000

Tuesday & Saturday 8-10 yo: $1755 (twice a weeK)


Wednesday 6:00pm -7:30: Girls Grade 5-6

1/22-3/29, 10 Classes



Thursday, 7:00pm-8:30pm: G8 & G9

1/22-5/31, 18 Classes




Class size: min.: 8 / max.: 15

Coach: Jing Yuan and Matthew Fogarty
Price: $50/class, 15 weeks


* must enroll an entire session


Please fill out the register form before you pay:


2024 Spring Basketball Camp

  • 1. A $50 processing fee will be applied to all refund requests.

    2. If paid the tuition by credit card, a 3% -5% credit card service fee will be charged when you ask for a refund.

    3. If you keep the credit for the future class, no fee will be charged.

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