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Many colleges require that students take tests to verify mastery of subjects such as Reading, Grammar, Writing, Math, and Science. The SAT and ACT exams measure this ability, while the AP Subject Tests allow students to receive college credits.

In addition to offering focused review courses on a number of tested subjects, PA College Prep provides counseling services with regards to test taking strategies as well as college preparation. Additionally, practice exams are available in all subjects to help students assess their current strength.


English / Writing / Reading

READING CLUB The ability to read well is a cornerstone of academic success. PA College Prep’s Reading Club improves students’ reading comprehension level in a fun and informative manner. Students will gain a deeper understanding of effective reading as they expand their vocabulary through constantly reading and analyzing a variety of English language materials.

WRITING PA College Prep’s Writing Program, available to K through 12th students, teaches students how to express their thoughts in writing clearly and effectively. By exploring various concepts and technicalities including idea development, grammar fundamentals, sentence structure, essay organization, and proper diction, students gain the necessary tools to become effective writers. An intimate classroom environment allows instructors to offer continuous constructive feedback.

english writing


Strong mathematic skills are essential to one’s of educational success. To strengthen mathematical foundation, PA College Prep offers classes ranging from elementary level general math courses to college preparatory level AP Calculus.

Small class sizes, experienced and dedicated instructors, and a focused curriculum (that parallels school materials) allow students to hone their mathematical abilities and succeed academically.



PA College Prep’s top Science teachers help students reach their greatest potential in science.

We offer a variety of science classes ranging from elementary level to college preparatory levels of AP Physics. Small classes and excellent teachers help students stay on track while previewing upcoming materials in various subjects.



Non-native English speaking students frequently have difficulty adapting to the American school system as a result of language issues.

Enrolling in PA College Prep’s Beginner or Intermediate ESL classes can help these students learn English quickly through lessons that cover skills in pronunciation, phonics, vocabulary, and grammar. Students learn through complete immersion in these English-only sessions. The lessons are not limited to traditional teaching methods. Instead, we create, foster, and connect our students through multiples of applicable scenarios.



PA College Prep’s highly acclaimed teachers are available for 1-on-1 and small group tutoring sessions in nearly every subject. Whether to gain additional help in a school subject or to preview upcoming material, PA College Prep offers a private or semi-private tutoring solution for you.

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