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Dolphin Hoops Q&A

How to Sign up?

Sign Up Here (报名链接)

1. Please follow the instructions on the webpage to register, fill out the registration form in the first step, and complete the online tuition payment in the second step.

2.For basketball camps, there is no registration fee in addition to tuition. However, if you are interested in attending PACP after-school or summer programs, there will be a $60 registration fee.

1. 请按照网页提示报名,第一步填写注册报名表,第二步完成在线支付学费


Why choose us?  为什么选择我们?

We have a national-level basketball coach who guides and trains to provide efficient performances for professional coaches at different levels.

我们有国家级专业的篮球教练员,Coach Jing,旨在为不同年龄段的学员提供高水准技战术指导,提高训练效率。

Our specialties. 我们的特色

1. The school is responsible for the management, and the coach is responsible for training. The division of labor is clear, and the guarantee is in place.

2. Exclusive indoor training venue, with a safe and superior environment, equipped with a height-adjustable hoop.

1. 学校负责管理,教练负责训练。分工明确,保障到位。

2. 专属的室内训练场所,环境安全优越,配备了可调节高度的篮圈。

Enrollment target  招生对象

Youths aged 5-14 who love basketball, of any level and any gender.


Which class/level should my child attend? 课程选择

We offer classes that cover a variety of age groups: 5-7yo, 8-10yo, and 11-14yo. And you should first try to fit your child(ren) into their appropriate group.

Depending on your child(ren)’s skill level, you should then try to match him/her to the corresponding level: Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced (coming soon). Usually, when a player is first starting out, he/she will join the beginner level to start with. If the player has already been playing for a while, then the Intermediate level should work best. If the player already has some certain years of training background and wants to push him/herself to the next level, then he/she should choose the Advanced level.

我们提供涵盖不同年龄段的课程:5-7 岁、8-10 岁和 11-14 岁。您应该首先尝试让您的孩子(们)融入他们合适的群体。



Make-up Class 补课

1. The same age and level, with two or more teams, use official training time to make up for each other.

2. All make-up classes must be completed within the current period, no make-ups will be made afterward.

1. 同等年龄、水平,设有两支以上的队伍,利用正式训练时间相互补课


What to bring and wear? 训练装备

Players need to bring their own appropriately-sized basketball. Players are recommended to wear comfortable athletic apparel, eg. athletic shorts, basketball shoes, and short sleeves. No jeans or sandals are allowed.


Discount 折扣

5% off discount for the second child in a family

一个家庭第二个孩子可以享受5% off 折扣

Refund Policy 退款条约

  1. Refunds can be requested for any reason before the official start of the training.

  2. After the official start of the training, refunds will not be made at will. If there are special circumstances that require a refund, in addition to the deduction of the course fee, an additional lesson fee will be deducted.

  3. For payments made by credit card or Venmo, PayPal, a 3% credit card processing fee will be deducted when requesting a refund.

  1. 训练正式开始前如遇事由可申请退款

  2. 训练正式开始后,原则上不予随意退出退款。如有特殊情况需要退款,除扣除已上课程费用之外,还将额外扣除一节课费用

  3. 凡是以信用卡或 Venmo, PayPal方式付款,申请退款时将会扣除3%的信用卡手续费

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