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Aaron H.

(ACT 35) Accepted Early to Harvard University

PACP has been a major help in my high school career all the way, and its ACT class has helped me reach a score of 35. I attest that the teachers here are the most outstanding teachers, and so are its experienced and creative counselors. Ms. Kelly has been the second mother in my life, helping me since I started going here. If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t have been able to achieve my dream - getting into Harvard University.

Alex L.

(ACT 36, A Perfect Score!) Accepted Early to Stanford University

The summer test prep class I took at PA College Prep was insightful and helped me to improve my ACT score to 36. The teachers’ analyses of the problems I had missed and their explanations about how to fix these issues made it possible for me to achieve my perfect ACT score. Through the academy’s weekly practice exams as well as their detailed instruction, PACP has truly prepared me for the ACT and enabled me to tackle all different problems with familiarity and ease.

Umi G.

Accepted to Columbia University, The Juilliard School, UC Berkeley

PACP has helped me immensely not only with receiving a high score on my SATs, but also with writing essays that lead to acceptance from Juilliard, Columbia, and UC Berkeley. Without PACP’s help, I never would have been able to put my thoughts into words for my college essays. Thanks to PACP, I have a brighter future at my dream college.

Sam P.

From ESL to MIT in 3 Years!

When I first came to the United States as a high school freshman, I had a difficult time acclimating to the American school system and was completely lost in the curriculum. PACP’s ESL, Test Preparation, and College Counseling helped me to succeed academically. The staff members and teachers provided the support and direction I needed to gain confidence and set high goals. Thanks to PACP, I was eventually able to gain admission to MIT. PA College Prep helped me get into the college of my dreams. Thank you PACP!

Alicia Z.

(ACT 36, A Perfect Score) Accepted to Harvard, Yale, MIT, Brown, USC and all Ucs

The first time I took a diagnostic test I scored in the 1700’s and became worried about how I could ever raise my score. I have always had a problem with motivating myself and that’s where PACP helped tremendously. By going to an actual SAT class, I forced myself to work on the material not only in class, but also by doing the nightly homework that was assigned. Every week my scores steadily rose as I acquired a larger vocabulary and learned more types of math problems. By the time I took the test in my senior year, I scored a 2310. 

Christine L.

Accepted Early to Pomona College

Thank you PA College prep, Kelly, and all of the teachers and staff for accommodating and helping me through my academic career. I truly appreciate the encouragement and support that has helped me to reach my goals! 

Juliana W.

Class of 2016, Accepted Early to Rice University

I have been going to PACP since I was little. The teachers warmly received their students and taught with passion, slipping in fun activities after each lesson. When it was time to take the ACT test class, PACP didn’t disappoint. Teachers were accessible and managed class extremely well. Working with these teachers took my mock ACT score from 30 to 35 on the actual test. I recently got accepted to Rice University, and I have to acknowledge that PACP has been very significant support during the whole journey to college. 

Tony H.

University of California, Berkeley

Throughout my high school career, I have had the honor of receiving help and guidance from PA College Prep. As I didn't know much about the college application process, the faculty members of PACP (and especially Director Kelly Chu) went out of their way to make sure I knew what I was doing. What really separates Kelly and PACP from other academic institutions is the personal care they provide. Whenever I had a question, I was always able to drop in and my PACP counselor would be glad to answer my question. Looking back, PACP has definitely been a major contributor to my admission at my dream schools: UC Berkeley, Emory University, and Boston College. I am who I am today because of PACP... and I thank them endlessly for it.

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Shayan S.

SAT 1600! (A Perfect Score)

PA College Prep put my mind at ease and they did their best preparing me for the SAT. Be it the class or the private tutoring, I would always leave my session understanding more than before I came in. They helped me use my time in the best way possible, studying smarter rather than longer. Michael especially helped me when it came to the English section, and he deconstructed the passages to the point that it felt as simple as putting a puzzle together.

Angel D.

USC - Residential Honor’s program

PA College Prep has done so much more than provide me with phenomenal guidance to excel academically. I’ve built friendships with the teachers and the students that have helped me grow as a person and become more motivated. I knew that it was a place where I could go every summer and find people that readily helped me work towards my goals. 

Nina W.

Accepted to Cornell, MIT

As you may have already heard, I took the January SAT and I am very happy with my results! Thank you both so much for helping me not only reach but also completely surpass my goal. Please relay my thanks to Kaveh as well. I am truly grateful for this customized learning experience and for some great insight on my weaknesses and ways to improve. With Mr. Lathrop's instruction, I was able to get an 11 on my essay. Thank you again for helping me realize my full potential!

Allison L.

(ACT 35) Accepted to Johns Hopkins, UC Berkeley, USC

At PA College Prep, I received training that not only gave me confidence, but also showed me the right way to study for a test like the ACT. The teachers prompted us to write our mistakes in a packet and drill our weaknesses until we mastered avoiding errors. This method helped me target what I truly needed to work on, ultimately eliminating the careless errors that had been keeping me from achieving my full potential. My math teacher, Ben, not only provided for the class comprehensive review for me to easily master the material necessary to take the ACT, but also showed me tricks and short-cuts to save time on the test. My science, English, and reading teachers helped me tackle the tricks and hurdles that the ACT laid out for me, breaking down what seemed overwhelming at first and guiding me in the right direction.

Jennifer S.

ACT 36! (A Perfect Score)

The ACT preparatory class offered at PA College Prep can effectively boost anyone’s score. Coming into the prep class, I already had a solid understanding of the concepts tested on the ACT. However, I couldn’t quite get a perfect score while practicing. The instructors are very experienced and knowledgeable, and effectively teach problem-solving strategies that can be applied everywhere. Through their insightful practice exams and the quality expertise of the teachers, PACP provided the extra edge I needed to easily and successfully achieve a 36. 

Steven C.

(ACT 35) University of California, San Diego

Last summer, I decided to prepare for the ACT at PA College Prep.  The first time I took a practice ACT test, I scored a 26.  After several weeks of studying and taking practice exams at PA College Prep, I was able to score a 35 on the real ACT test.  I think this improvement was only made possible by the help of the teachers and staff, who were dedicated to making sure all the students could achieve our full potential.  The teachers were willing to thoroughly examine my work and explain any mistakes that I made.  This insight allowed me to clearly understand the subject matter, as well as answer similar questions more confidently and correctly, and make incremental progress in my weekly score.  I am really glad that I made the right decision in choosing PA College Prep to help me score so well on the ACT.

Beverly Z

Accepted and Committed to Princeton University

From the start, PA College Prep has been very good to me. Though I only came to attend the ACT class, I have to thank the director, Kitty Yue, for her guidance and kindness. She was able to offer me classes when no other schools could provide us the ACT preparation we needed. Miss Kitty even gave me a free college counseling session, and because of that, I was able to better understand the college application process. My heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to Miss Kitty!

Thomas H.

University of California, Berkeley

PA College Prep has been the one thing that has motivated me to pursue higher education. It would be impossible for me to be where I am now without learning the skills of test taking at PA, and I am forever grateful for this experience. I highly recommend PA College Prep if you want to get ahead in both SAT and the ACT scores because in the end I was able to earn a 2230 on the old SAT and a 35 on the ACT. I cannot stress the importance of this institute to my future, and I am extremely happy to be one of PA’s success stories. Go Bears!

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