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With 22 years of experience in the field, our academy is proud to assist your children in reaching academic excellence. We have helped over 10,000 students gain admission to prestigious universities such as Harvard, MIT, Yale, Stanford, U. Penn, Columbia, Berkeley, UCLA, Cornell, Cal-Tech, Johns Hopkins, Princeton, and Amherst.  


PA College Prep guides students to be dedicated to achieving the highest possible academic and personal goals. By offering strategic test preparation programs, college counseling and admissions coaching, technologically advanced classrooms, foundation-building instruction, and individualized attention, we instill the spirit of determination and a lifelong devotion to learning into students who want to be the best. Our team--teachers, staff, counselors, curriculum designers, and directors--strive every day to guide young people toward excellence and to the fulfillment of their highest potential. 

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With 20 years of experience in the field, our academy is proud to assist your children in reaching academic excellence.

Facility          –  30k SqFt educational playground, fully equipped facilities,

                           and spacious classrooms

Teachers       – Experienced teachers and tutors from various STEM subjects

Faculty          –  Supportive staff and dedicated, experienced, and certified teachers Courses         –  Aligned with Common Core: classes taught with time-tested

                         methods, small classes cater to students with various learning styles

Counseling    - Guide students through the application process;

                          Natural Talent & College Major Assessments test

                          (MBTI, MMTIC, SII, Highlands Ability Battery)

Transportation   –  Arranged to suit your needs

Special Courses  – Chinese Immersion; Speech & Debates

"...When I took classes at PA College Prep, I felt that PA College Prep provided students with a very comfortable and challenging learning environment. The faculty not only helped us with the various subjects, but they also made themselves available to answer any of our questions about standardized tests and applying to college. As a student at PA College Prep, I always new that the faculty would be available to offer me guidance on academic issues ranging from chemistry review to paper revisions to college essay brainstorming."


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