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Selecting and applying to a college can be a confusing and daunting task. PA College Prep offers college admission consultation to help demystify the process.

PA College Prep


PA College Prep’s counseling program provides students with the guidance and insight necessary to make the best decisions regarding the college selection and application process. This is achieved through a multi-faceted approach:

  • GPA Evaluation

  • Standardized Test Preparation and Analysis

  • Course Selection Analysis

  • Extracurricular Activity Strategizing

  • College Selection

  • College Application Essay Assistance 

  • Application Assistance 

  • Vocational Guidance   

  • Interview Practice and Strategizing   

  • Final College Selection


Become a great college applicant with our successful College Application Counseling. Contact us to make a FREE 30 minute counseling appointment today!


When applying to colleges, students must complete labyrinthine, multipage application forms that require extensive research. What should be included? What should be left out? In this two hour seminar led by college consultant Chris Bonneau, students and their parents will receive step-by-step guidance on how to complete college application forms. (This seminar will cover the University of California application and the Common Application used by most highly ranked universities across the country.)



As competition among students increases, colleges are putting an increased weight on candidate’s writing ability in their selection process. This class, taught by a experienced college consultant and professional writer, Chris Bonneau, will help students create effective, winning essays in a collaborative and engaging class environment.

Over the course of eight weeks, students will discover what they should write about, how to grab the reader’s attention, and how to express themselves coherently. (This class is designed to assist students with the University of California and Common Application essay prompts, as well as other frequently used prompts.)

Our Counselors

Chris Bonneau

Director of Counseling

• B.S. in Communications from Boston University 

• Award-winning professional writer

Though accepted at an Ivy League university, Mr. Bonneau opted to study at Boston University - an institution that better served his academic interests in Communications and provided him with a near-full scholarship. Since moving to California in 1995, Chris has been a prolific, award-winning writer (of screenplays and educational texts) and an accomplished teacher and counselor.  He has taught at a number of highly regarded academies throughout the Los Angeles area and has even written an in-depth guide to the SAT Writing section.

Chris has helped more than 2,000 students with the college selection and application process. During this time frame, he has guided students through more than 4,000 college statements. Many of the students that Chris has counseled have gone on to Ivy League and other prestigious universities.

laura hwang5.jpg

Laura Hwang

Assistant Director of Counseling

College Counselor

  • M.A., Social Psychology, San Francisco State University 

  • B.A., Psychology, University of California Irvine


Ms. Laura has an extensive experience working and interacting with children of all ages and parents.  With her specialty in child psychology and a full knowledge and research of the phases and developmental stages that children, adolescents, and parents go through, she has taught and helped students and parents to better understand themselves and their relationships to one another.  


Michael Lathrop

College Counselor

  • M.A. English Literature, Portland State University

  • B.A. English Literature, University of Oregon


Mr. Lathrop has taught both high school and college level course at UCI and other local educational institutions.  He has led the SAT and ACT preparation programs for the last 3 years, and as a counselor successfully worked with a range of students, both local and international. 

Margaret Fajardo  

College Counselor

• Andrew W. Mellon Fellow in the Humanities, University of California, Berkeley

• Ph.D. Literature, M.A Literature in English, University of California, San Diego


Margaret has had the pleasure of guiding students towards their academic and personal goals. She began her career teaching university-level English and Writing courses at UC San Diego and UC Berkeley. In recent years, she has taught ESL students of all levels and has had much success assisting students in preparing for the TOEFL. Her background in writing and literature has been instrumental in helping students with their college application essays. Many of her students have been admitted to top universities, including Harvard, Johns Hopkins, Juilliard, Rice, Stanford, University of California Berkeley, and USC.

Cedric- Pic3.jpg

Cedric Papa

College Counselor

  • B.A.,Ethnic Studies: Asian-American Minor: History, Cal State Fullerton


Cedric has been working in the field of education for the past 8 years, helping high school students from diverse backgrounds achieve their academic goals through tutoring, teaching, and counseling. His students immediately take notice of his caring, optimistic, yet straightforward demeanor; students consistently express that under his guidance they feel more confident in themselves and in their future academic choices. Cedric prides himself on his ability to create honest and supportive relationships with students to develop each student’s distinct pathway to success.   


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"...When I took classes at PA College Prep, I felt that PA College Prep provided students with a very comfortable and challenging learning environment. The faculty not only helped us with the various subjects, but they also made themselves available to answer any of our questions about standardized tests and applying to college. As a student at PA College Prep, I always new that the faculty would be available to offer me guidance on academic issues ranging from chemistry review to paper revisions to college essay brainstorming."


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