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Passion Project Program

Passion Project

Passion Project as an edge in college admission

In a world where standardized test scores and perfect GPAs no longer guarantee success, admission officers are seeking something more—something that sets you apart from the rest. The Passion Project Bootcamp is here to revolutionize your college admission journey and empower you to showcase your unique strengths and interests like never before!

At the PACP Passion Project Program, we provide students with an unparalleled opportunity to bring their dreams to life and captivate college admission officers. 

What is a passion project?

A Passion Project is work that you complete that showcases your talents, skills, interests, and connections to your community. It's a project born out of your deep-seated interests and motivations, where you have the freedom to explore, create, and impact your community.


Starting a Podcast or YouTube Channel

Imagine discussing the biology behind COVID-19 during its early stages and catching the attention of prestigious universities like Stanford. It's possible!

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Writing and Publishing a Novel

Become a published author, even before stepping foot on campus.


Transforming Skills into Business and Philanthropy

Take your passion for design, for example, and turn it into a thriving business while making a positive impact on your community. Sell your own creations and use the profits to help those in need.


Developing a Website or App

Tackle a problem plaguing your community head-on by designing a website or app that addresses it directly. Use technology to make a difference and impress college admissions.


Creating a Documentary

Identify an issue that resonates with you, be it in your community or school, and document it through a powerful and thought-provoking film. Inspire change and leave a lasting impact.


Starting an Art Exhibit


Take charge and demonstrate your exceptional organizational and administrative skills by curating an art exhibit that not only showcases your artistic talents but also involves local artists and promotes community engagement.


Starting a Concert

Organize a captivating concert that brings people together through the power of music.


Developing a Video Game 

Dive into the world of game development and craft an immersive and innovative video game. Show off your programming and design skills while demonstrating your passion for interactive storytelling. Impress colleges with your technical expertise and creative vision!

More reasons to start a Passion Project

Passion Project prompts students to think critically, question assumptions, analyze information, and consider multiple perspectives to arrive at well-reasoned solutions to complex challenges.


PACP Passion Project Program Schedule

Month 1


Module1 Intro: Self Discovery and Skill Building

Module 2 Passion Idea Discovery and Research 1

Module 3 Passion Idea Discovery and Research 2

Module 4 Project development

Month 2

Passion Practicum: Project assessment, reflection & planning

Passion Practicum: Project assessment, reflection & planning Assessment based on college admission criteria

Month 3


Passion Practicum: Project Assessment, reflection & planning

Reflect and expand on your work

Month 4 & On

Passion Counseling

Biweekly Project Counseling Meetings

How to join?

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Fill out the application form

Set up a 30-min interview with the Passion Project counseling team

Sign up for the program & program kick starts

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