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Hello PACP Students!

I'm thrilled to announce an incredible opportunity for those of you passionate about engineering—EV Go-Kart Program! This is an essential experience for you to gain hands-on skills and knowledge that will not only enhance your college applications but also contribute significantly to your personal and professional development.  


Not to mention, Go-Kart is a rare opportunity! Did you know that Pacific Academy is the first high school in Orange County to compete nationally with our very own solar car? This summer we collaborated with PA's solar car coach to provide students from other schools with this rare experience!


​About the program




DAY 1: Intro and Tool Basics

DAY 2: Chassis Overview

DAY 3: Structure Regitity

DAY 4: Motor Theory and Control

DAY 5: Battery Technology & Safety


DAY 1: Steering & Throttle

DAY 2: Tire Technolgy

DAY 3: Solar Array & MPPT

DAY 4: Race Rules & Testing

DAY 5: Race Day!!

Hands-on experience of Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering


Our Teacher

Coach Jack 

Design Engineer Lead at APPLE

  • M.S. in Product Development, Carnegie Mellon University.

  • B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, Purdue University.

  • 4 years of college level solar car bulding and racing.

  • Decade of experience in consumer electronics, aerospace, and automotive sectors.

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