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2024 Summer Camp

PACP is thrilled to announce that this year's summer camp is open for enrollment. Our comprehensive program offers a diverse array of academic, sports, and extracurricular activities designed to ensure a healthy, enjoyable, and enriching summer for the students!

K-6 Academics &  

During mornings, K-1 students immerse themselves in multidisciplinary units focused on literacy and math fundamentals. While G2-6 students embark on a literary voyage, exploring one book every two weeks alongside comprehensive math exercises. In the afternoons, students engage in an array of dynamic extracurricular activities, such as robotics, coding, chess, music, magic, gymnastics, soccer, and board games, ensuring a well-rounded educational experience.

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K-6 Academics & Sports

Join this program for a dynamic blend of academic enrichment and sports! Elevate your skills in basketball and badminton through expert coaching and structured training sessions. Learn teamwork and sportsmanship while getting challenged both mentally and physically. Don't miss out on the exciting afternoon of sports after a morning of academic activities!

K-6 Academics & English PBL 
(Project Based Learning)


Select a PBL camp for immersive, real-world learning! Acquire vital 21st-century skills such as communication and problem-solving while tackling captivating projects. Students will refine their academic skills in the mornings and then engage in a diverse range of PBL projects, including crafting a garden and constructing a volcano.

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K-6 Academics & Chinese PBL 
(Project Based Learning)


This interdisciplinary approach integrates Chinese, math, and science for a comprehensive summer experience. Say goodbye to simple memorization and hello to critical thinking at PBL Camp! Get ready for fun activities such as learning traditional Chinese cuisines, clothing, myths, literature, and more!

K-6 ESL Intensive English Program

Our Intensive English Program is designed to support non-native English Speakers in developing their language proficiency. Through a mixture of immersive experiences and carefully curated lessons, students will be able to receive personalized and beneficial instruction to improve their reading, speaking, listening, and writing. 

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Middle School & High School 

Our Middle School and High school programs cover a wide variety of topics from Language & Literature, Math, AP courses, and SAT/ACT Bootcamp. On top of this we also offer a College Application Series including our Passion Project, College Essay Writing, and Career Exploration.


Grades: K-6

Date: 6/10/2024 - 8/9/24

Time: 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Morning Extended Camp Care: 8:00 AM - 9:30 AM

Evening Extended Camp Care: 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM

- No Class Tuesday, July 4, 2024 

- Placement Test is required for all ESL students

- Interview is required for the afternoon Chinese Immersion

- Class Schedule may change, check with PACP Office for most updated schedule

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