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To our parents, students, teachers and staff,

Let me welcome you to PA College Prep, the next step in our mission to bring you the best, most trusted after-school program in Orange County.  When I started this endeavor over fifteen years ago, I could not have guessed how much we could achieve, and how many wonderful students I would have the opportunity to meet and to help as they worked to make their own dreams come true.  All of us here at PA College Prep feel as if they are not just our students but our family, and the success of our students is our success.  Thank you for this opportunity to serve you!

Looking back over the years, so many highlights come to mind; the student who went from ESL to MIT, our first 2400 SAT score, and several students who, under our careful tutelage, changed from good students into academic stars.  Whenever I talk with one of our students who has been accepted into top-tier schools such as Stanford, Yale, Brown, UC Berkeley, or Johns Hopkins, I am reminded of how important our job is, and how much our parents and students rely on us to help them achieve their goals.

As we move forward under a new name, everyone here at PA College Prep is focused on continuing to offer an unparalleled after school program.  We’ve added new classes covering the Common Core Curriculum, Singapore Math, and the new SAT and ACT tests.  We’ve also continued our most popular programs, including the SAT II Math, Middle and High School Writing, and Orange County’s best summer camp program!  The participation of so many interesting, intelligent students makes everything we do worthwhile.  Won’t you come join us as here at PA College Prep?  I promise you’ll find the help and support you need to achieve your academic goals.

Ms. Kelly Chu
Director, PA College Prep